"Aerospace Research in Bulgaria"

the magazine of Spase Research Institute


Instruction to Authors


-         the article should be submitted in English language. Bulgarian authors should also supply a Bulgarian copy

-         manuscripts should not exceed 15 standard A4 pages

-         each article should have a summary (up to 15 lines)

-         each article should be submitted in .doc format font Times New Roman, 12 pt, single line spacing




-         The article should not be published elsewhere

-         All manuscripts are subject to editorial rewiew


- title page.

This first page of each article should indicate the title, the authors' names and the Institute where they was conduced

- tables and illustrations.
Should be submitted on separate sheets. The proper place of each figure in the text should be indicated in the left margin of the coresponding page. All illustrations should be reffered to as "figures" and giwen in abbreviation "Fig.". The author's name, the number of the figure with indication of its proper orientation (top, bottom) should be marked.
- references.
They should be indicated in the text by giving the corresponding number in parentheses. The refferences should be typed on a separate sheet, arranged chronologically by numbers figuring in the text. The name of the first author should be given with inversion. The title of the article is followed by thaat of the journal, volume, year, issue number and the pages.
    1. B u l a r d, E. I. C o o p e r. The determination of ..., Proc.Royal Soc., London, 194, 1948, 332-347)

Future details:
- Measuremen units should be used only according SI
- Only type-setting errors are subject to correction



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