A Century of Telemedicine:
Curatio Sine Distantia et Tempora. A World Wide Overview – Part V

The fifth volume of the series "A Century of Telemedicine. Curatio Sine Distantia et Tempora: A World Wide Overview" is in your hands.

The book presents a historical approach of Telemedicine and eHealth in two more countries – Morocco and Portugal. The chapters reveal different national and cultural points of view on the development and implementation of Telemedicine/eHealth solutions for the treatment of patients and wellbeing of citizens. The book provides a glimpse and summarizes the best practical achievements, governmental policies, existing solutions and experiences in these countries.

The goal is to share the information with international, other national and regional institutions and policy makers as well as with all groups and individuals involved with healthcare. The book offers a wide range of bottom-up and top-down approaches and solutions as well as a logical follow-up of the previous two publications. The text is available at https://www.isfteh.org/files/media/A_Century_of_Telemedicine_-_Part_V_2022.pdf

The series starts with the book "A Century of Telemedicine: Curatio Sine Distancia et Tempora", A. Vladzymyrskyy, M. Jordanova, F. Lievens, 2016, available at https://www.isfteh.org/files/media/Telemedicine_history_CD.pdf