A Century of Telemedicine: Curatio Sine Distancia et Tempora

The book A Century of Telemedicine: Curatio Sine Distancia et Tempora, A. Vladzymyrskyy, M. Jordanova, F. Lievens was published in 2016. It is an overview of the scientific research in one specific field of the History of Medicine, that one of telemedicine. The book reveals the range and complexity of Telemedicine development over the past 120 years.

Telemedicine was brought to life by changes of technology and offered enormous possibilities to improve both access to and the standard of healthcare, and thus to close the gap between the demand for affordable, high quality healthcare to everyone, at any time, everywhere, and the lack of medical personal. Chapters in the book covered various areas of telemedicine and presented numerous national points of view on how telemedicine solutions were developed and implemented in earlier decades.

The authors hope that everyone involved in telemedicine will find this book not only interesting, but most valuable as well. We are open for collaboration, comments and joint researches. Let’s make the origin of telemedicine better known. The access to the content of the book is free of charge at https://www.isfteh.org/files/media/Telemedicine_history_CD.pdf