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M. Gousheva: (e-mail: mgousheva@space.bas.bg), Res.Fell. in Space Research Institute from  1977 (former Central Labotatory for Space Research). Head of Experimental metods of Plasma Physics Department 1992-2000, member of European Geosciences Union from 2008.

 Field of interest: Space Science Instrumentation, Space Physics, Earthquake Hazards (Electric, magnetic and electro-magnetic phenomena related to earthquakes).

Space activity:

1. Plasma experiment aboard CENTAURE II 50 rocket with instruments RIKI and RPA by Joint Indo-Bulgarian Project- Co-Investigator.

2. Series of in-situ plasma experiments aboard Vertical 7, 9,10 rockets with instruments 4ELI-1 ID-1R, 4ELI-2 ID-2R by Vertical International Programme- Co-Investigator.



Launch of a Centaur II sounding rocket from  Thumba, India Geophysical sounding rocket Vertikal




3. Plasma experiments aboard INTERCOSMOS-BULGARIA-1300 satellite with instruments RPA and DM (ID1) by National Programme BULGARIA-1300- Co-Investigator.


Intercosmos-Bulgaria 1300 satellite. Comprehensive investigation of physical processes in the earth's ionosphere and magnetosphere.




Plsetsk Space Flight Center- test facility laboratory  


4. Plasma experiments and active experiment (many releases of Xenon gas to test the so called Critical Velocity Ionization with instruments RPA, DM and EMA by international project ACTIVE, INTERCOSMOS-24 satellite- Co-Investigator. The operation schedules of the Active mission were coordinated with the many NASA (and other)-sponsored investigations of the magnetosphere.



Active mission, INTERCOSMOS-24 satellite



5. Statistical study of anomalous effects in the upper ionosphere registered on board of the “Intercosmos-Bulgaria-1300” satellite over seismically active regions- Principal Investigator.




Satellite orbits 170, 213, 591, 527 and 215, 258, 651, 1527,1726 and positions of the earhquake epicentres  for periods of seismic activity 30.08-27.09.1981 and 12.08-01.09.1981,

14.11- 11.12.1981

Disturbances in Ex, Ey, Ez components ,orbit 527 and Ez component of the quasi-static electric field,orbit 1527



Selected articles in refereed journals related with the above mentioned space activities:   


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